Toulouse, France: Your Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary


Welcome to Toulouse, a beautiful city in the south of France known for its charming pink-brick buildings, rich history, and delicious gastronomy. In this article, we’ll share our top tips for a 3-day trip to Toulouse, including the best things to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, and how to make the most of your time in this wonderful city.

Day 1: Explore the Historic City Center

Start your first day in Toulouse by exploring the historic city center, which is home to many of the city’s most important landmarks and attractions. Some of the places you won’t want to miss include:

  • Basilique Saint-Sernin: This magnificent Romanesque church is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Capitole de Toulouse: This impressive neoclassical building houses the city hall and the Théâtre du Capitole. Take a guided tour to learn more about its fascinating history.
  • Musée des Augustins: This beautiful museum is housed in a former Augustinian monastery and features an impressive collection of art and artifacts from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.
  • Jardin des Plantes: Take a stroll through this lovely botanical garden, which features over 3,000 plant species and a small zoo.

After a busy day of sightseeing, head to one of the many charming cafes or restaurants in the city center to enjoy some delicious French cuisine.


Day 2: Visit the Airbus Factory and the Canal du Midi

On your second day in Toulouse, start by visiting the Airbus Factory, where you can learn about the history and technology behind one of the world’s leading aerospace companies. Guided tours are available, and you’ll have the chance to see planes being assembled and tested.

In the afternoon, head to the Canal du Midi, a 240-kilometer-long canal that connects Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea. Take a scenic boat tour or rent a bike and explore the beautiful countryside and charming villages along the canal.

After a long day, head back to the city center and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants that specialize in traditional Toulousain cuisine, such as cassoulet, a hearty bean stew.

Day 3: Discover Toulouse’s Art and Culture Scene

On your final day in Toulouse, take some time to explore the city’s vibrant art and culture scene. Some of the highlights include:

  • Musée des Abattoirs: This contemporary art museum is housed in a former slaughterhouse and features works by artists such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.
  • Les Abattoirs: This cultural center hosts a wide variety of exhibitions, concerts, and performances throughout the year, with a particular focus on contemporary art and culture.
  • Le Muséum de Toulouse: This natural history museum is home to a fascinating collection of animal specimens, fossils, and interactive exhibits.
  • La Halle de La Machine: This unique attraction features giant mechanical creatures, including a 14-meter-tall dragon that breathes fire.

End your trip to Toulouse by visiting one of the city’s many lively bars or clubs, or enjoying a relaxing dinner at a restaurant that features the best of the city’s local cuisine.

Where to Stay in Toulouse

There are many great options for accommodation in Toulouse, depending on your budget and preferences. Some of the most popular neighborhoods for tourists include the city center, Saint-Cyprien, and Saint-Michel. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Grand Hotel de l’Opera: This elegant hotel is located in the heart of the city center, just a few steps from the Capitole de Toulouse. Rooms are spacious and luxurious, and the hotel features a fitness center and a bar.
  • Hotel Le Pier: This charming hotel is located in the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood, just a short walk from the Garonne River. Rooms are cozy and comfortable, and the hotel features a garden and a terrace.
  • Aparthotel Adagio Toulouse Parthenon: This modern aparthotel is located in the Saint-Michel neighborhood, just a short walk from the Musée des Augustins. Rooms are spacious and include kitchenettes, and the hotel features a fitness center and a sauna.

For more information on where to stay in Toulouse, check out the official tourism website of Toulouse.

Where to Eat in Toulouse

Toulouse is known for its delicious and hearty cuisine, which features local ingredients such as duck, foie gras, and cassoulet. Here are some of our top recommendations for where to eat in Toulouse:

  • Le Bibent: This elegant brasserie is located in the Capitole de Toulouse and features a menu of classic French dishes with a modern twist.
  • Chez Emile: This traditional Toulousain restaurant is located in the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood and serves up hearty cassoulet, grilled meats, and other regional specialties.
  • La Cantine du Quai: This trendy restaurant is located on the banks of the Garonne River and features a menu of creative and seasonal dishes, as well as a great selection of natural wines.

For more recommendations on where to eat in Toulouse, be sure to ask your hotel or check out online reviews.

Free Tours in Toulouse

If you’re looking to learn more about Toulouse’s history and culture, there are many free tours available that can help you get the most out of your trip. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Toulouse Greeters: This volunteer-led organization offers free tours of the city, led by locals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of Toulouse.
  • Toulouse Tourist Office: The tourist office in Toulouse offers a variety of free guided tours, including a walking tour of the historic city center, a tour of the Airbus Factory, and a tour of the city’s street art scene.
  • Toulouse Urban Trail: If you’re looking for a more active way to explore the city, consider taking part in the Toulouse Urban Trail, a free running tour that takes you through some of the city’s most beautiful neighborhoods and parks.

For more information on free tours in Toulouse, check out the official tourism website of Toulouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about visiting Toulouse:

  • What is the best time to visit Toulouse? The best time to visit Toulouse is during the spring or fall, when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller. Summer can be very hot and crowded, while winter can be chilly and rainy.
  • How do I get around Toulouse? Toulouse has an efficient public transportation system, including buses, trams, and a metro. You can also rent a bike or walk to many of the city’s attractions.
  • What should I pack for a trip to Toulouse? Be sure to pack comfortable shoes, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Toulouse can also be quite hot in the summer, so bring lightweight clothing and sunscreen. If you plan on visiting any churches or other religious sites, be sure to dress modestly.

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